Postcards: from hither and thither on my travels. Image collection and reassembly.

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the old dog on lesbos jan. 2002

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St. Anthony, Eleggua, pray for us.

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baptism. skulking shadow, uncle giorgos, athena, ian (more fx)


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a greek st. anthony

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tramburger_world.jpg (57009 bytes)

tramburger world. I discover 3d.

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xmas card.jpg (43817 bytes)

merry xmas 2001

00018.jpg (722220 bytes)

familiar spirit

roller-skier-rimini.jpg (37539 bytes)


multipleians3.jpg (115804 bytes)

multiple ians


ian-mytilini.jpg (36779 bytes)


eaglemoon.jpg (85884 bytes)

eagle moon

greetings.jpg (60604 bytes)

bologna (with fx!)

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Dec16200.JPG (132724 bytes)

pink cadillac (blaine and chris silvey athens dec. 2001)

Feb07604.JPG (210138 bytes)

roadside object

nov30$72.jpg (27091 bytes)

guido in arezzo

chickens.JPG (79445 bytes)

chickens in mytilini

halandriverandri.jpg (26708 bytes)

the haunting

Jan28576.JPG (119716 bytes)

mountain o'salt

Dec10182.JPG (132107 bytes)

boat to athens


Jan26565.JPG (91387 bytes)

roadside shrine, lesbos

Nov2725.JPG (117278 bytes)

train, Italian

Jan13496.JPG (122988 bytes)


Jan22523.JPG (188004 bytes)

Ian and dog. jan 2002


bhuback.jpg (84289 bytes)

"I'm turnin' tricks, I'm gettin' fixed, I'm back on Boogie Street"  L. Cohen

santeria7.jpg (31569 bytes)

the seven gods of santeria.

bike_lesbos.jpg (8249 bytes)

my holy bike

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