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A Song of Myself

My blog in its original form: This blog with its frames and html pages of text is as I devised it myself in 1999, before wordpress or blogger. The rest of this activity has moved on, now to be found at the blog hosted here on Mundoblaineo.

The Daily Blog

The journal: My Book of Days 1999-2002

Sitenews From my newsletter 2002-2004  Quaint all ascii retro design.

September 14, 2002 Edinburgh and beyond

July 10, 2002 Happy Birthday to me.

14 June, 2002 Barcelona, Russia with Tuxedomoon

march 17, 2002 shaved!!!!

February 9, 2002 Zen on Two Wheels. I buy a new bicycle

January 28, 2002 Halcyon Days on Lesbos

December 21, 2001 the coming of the euro

December 18, 2001 long time gone.

November 19,2001 guido in arezzo

November 12, 2001 more fun in airports. My war.

November 9, 2001 Roma Fiumicino

November 8, 2001 A shipboard romance. I re-encounter my son.

the "lost months"  Notes from 2000 and 2001 when I was on the road, too busy having fun to keep this journal up to date. Now that I am sedentary and miserable, I present these excerpts from the good old days. 


December 14, 2000 Belgrade Belgrade, the war, dj hell

December 1, 2000 back in germany

November 21, 2000 tuxedomoon in roma

November 18, 2000 fridge magnets and t-shirts

November 09, 2000 the holy road. RETURN OF TUXEDOMOON.

October 26, 2000 Agamemnon in Tbilisi, Georgia 

the back issues

June 17,2000
Guido's Eye Returneth!!! Miss me?
March 16, 2000
plastic clubs, cell phones
March 8, 2000
A non/chemical wedding
February 29, 2000"
unto us a child is born
 February 18, 2000 introducing sri pastananda gwee doh rinpoche 

 January 27, 2000 Steven Brown, our man in havana

 January 23, 2000 Blaine, the dark star goth biker

 January 20, 2000 Wino with his pants on fire. Athens by night.

 January 11, 2000 Epiphany on the turn of the millenium

 December 31, 1999 Surviving encounters with Athens taxi drivers and other wild beasts.

 December 20, 1999 Christmas in Athens
 December 17, 1999 I am a dj....

Dec. 5, 1999 Agamemnon begins. Website launched.


Annotated documents of my quest for knowledge on the net. (mostly pre-broadband)

1. St. Christina the Astonishing the  patroness of madness

2. who makes all of those crap chinese lighters?

3. American Slang Lexicon Hey, butt-munch, I'll roshambo you for the last beer. JIGGY!

4. IS BILL GATES THE ANTI-CHRIST? a persistent urban legend.