AMERICANS talk doubleplusgood. 

"Oldthinkers unbellyfeel ingsoc."  says Minitrue




U.S. Army slang

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Here are some attempts at compiling lexicons of fairly current American slang.

I submit this so that you may understand what the American soldiers are saying when they come to liberate you from the terrorists.  Although these words come from diverse origins, all who use them are American, so there is much crossover.

Why have I done this? Perhaps there is a future for me in philology. Probably not.




The terms and definitions here are drawn from the list of more than 1,000 college slang terms that now appear in Da Bomb. They were all in use by college students (as our student slang compilers at Cal Poly Pomona discovered) during 1997.

404: (adjective) Clueless or naive.

411: (noun) Information. 

bag on: (verb) 1. To tease. 2. To nag or complain. 

check it out: (phrase) Pay attention. 

clueless: (adjective) Unaware; naive; lacking knowledge. 

cool: (adjective) 1. Calm. 2. Fine, acceptable. 3. Neat; exciting; interesting; very good. 

da bomb: (adjective) Great; awesome; extremely cool. 

dig it: (phrase) 1. Do you understand? 2. A command to understand or pay attention. 

dipstick: (noun) A stupid person. 

dis: 1. (pronoun and adjective) This. 2. (verb) To disrespect. 

dog: 1.(verb) To criticize sharply. 2.(verb) To act like a jerk. 3.(verb) To tease or put down. 4.(verb) To fail to keep an appointment or date. 5.(verb) To lie or cheat. 6.(noun) A man who uses women. 7.(noun) An unattractive person. 8.(noun) A close friend. 9.(noun) Foot. 

drop: (verb) To give or tell. 

drop knowledge: (phrase) To share information or experience; to pass the bone. 

dude: 1.(noun) Person, especially male. 2.(interjection) A greeting or salutation. 3.(interjection) An indication of surprise. 

FAQs: (noun phrase) Frequently asked questions. 

For real(s)?: 1. (adjective) True. 2. (interjection) Is it true? 

g: (noun) 1. A person; often used to replace someone's name. 2. A friend or acquaintance. 

get outta here: (sentence) You must be kidding! 

hang out: 1.(verb) To relax. 2.(verb) To gather; to be at or with. 3.(noun) A place to meet or get together. 

Hello!?: (interjection) 1. Are you there? I'm trying to get your attention. 2. Are you awake? 
3. Are you stupid? 

hep cat: (noun) Someone who's hip, aware, knowledgeable, in tune with the times. 

hip: (adjective) 1. In style. 2. Knowledgeable. 

jam: (verb) To leave; to go. 

jive: (noun) Words; jokes; language. 

k: (noun) Money. 

like: (interjection) Completely, totally; an interjection used for emphasis. 

no stress: (phrase) Don't worry. 

old skool: (adjective) Over five years old; not hip. 

pancake steps: (noun) The steps outside of Carl's Jr. on the Cal Poly Pomona campus. 

pass the bone: (phrase) To share your knowledge and experience; to drop knowledge. 

phat: (adjective) 1. Cool; very good. 2. Attractive or nice. 3. Large; huge. 4. Big; high; especially used as a term by skateboarders, rollerbladers or snowboarders to describe a jump. 5. Someone who is respected, looked up to. 

rag: (verb) 1. To tease, put down, criticize. 2. To nag or complain. 

rap: 1.(verb) To talk. 2.(noun) Talk, statement. 3.(noun) A kind of music sometimes called hip-hop characterized by lyrical talking. 

rents: (noun) Parents. 

ride: 1.(noun) Mode of transportation; car. 2.(verb) To go, usually by car. 

school: (verb) 1. To teach a lesson to. 2. To win or do something decisively better than someone else. 

tired: (adjective) Old, repeated, overused. Definitely not hip! 

totally: (adverb) Very; very much. 

trip: 1.(noun) Something that is unusual or strange. 2.(adjective & verb) To overreact. 3.(adjective & verb) To act out of character. 4.(adjective & verb) Getting very upset; raging. 5.(adjective & verb) To act in disagreement. 6.(adjective & verb) To be overwhelmed. 7.(adjective & verb) To be not making sense. 8.(adjective & verb) To act crazy or surprised. 9. (adjective & verb) To exhibit the characteristics of being intoxicated on drugs or alcohol. 

turkey: (noun) Someone who is stupid or silly. 

way: 1.(adverb) Very; too much. 2.(interjection) Yes; positive affirmation to the statement "no way." 

what's up: (greeting) Hi. What's new or happening? 

yo: 1.(interjection) Hey. 2. (greeting) Hi; what's up. 

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I forget where these come from. Sorry.



g.i. joe meets the borg. click to enlarge

u.s. army slang

I have compiled a short list of terms used by United States military personnel during the 90's and so, presumably, in Afghanistan. There was a hell of a lot from Vietnam, a whole volume, but very little from the current war. The terms used here come from a site called "GI Jargon" and have been posted to the site by subscribers.

There is a whole online community for the armed services of the ruling power on earth. You are free to go there if you like. 

In hoc signo vinces. Have a nice day.

Check this guy. Not an outtake from "Terminator" or "Alien", a US citizen on patrol in Afghanistan, Feb. 2002 From "The Wisdom of the Generals"


The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other poor dumb bastard die for his. Gen George S. Patton

What's the sense of sending $2 million missiles to hit a $10 tent that's empty? 
—George W. Bush, private Oval Office meeting, September 13, 2001

We are not retreating - we are advancing in another direction. —Gen Douglas MacArthur 

The world has achieved brilliance without wisdom, power without conscience.Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants.— Gen Omar N. Bradley

Americans love to fight. All real Americans love the sting of battle. 
—Gen George S. Patton

Being responsible sometimes means pissing people off.
—Gen. Colin Powell 

If I had my choice I would kill every reporter in the world but I am sure we would be getting reports from hell before breakfast. 
—Gen William Sherman 


    Bend Over, Here It Comes Again 
    Posted By: zippo69 
    Date: 11/15/2001 

  • Butt shark 
    the kiss ass in the shop, often mistaken as the shop chiefs shadow 
    Posted By: itakon 
    Date: 3/27/2001 

  • Cable Dog 6 
    A Cable dog 6 is the distance from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the pinky.
    It is usually around 6 inches long. Well known to the 31L MOS, it is used for measuring off 6 inches when tying cable or placing tags 
    Posted By: cabledog6 
    Date: 8/25/2001 
  • Choir Practice 
    An unoffical get together, normally done right after work by Security Forces. Usually includes lots of drinking and complaining. 
    Posted By: d_w 
    Date: 10/26/2001 
  • Creating some officers... 
    The act of defecating.
    Posted By: recruiter24/7 
    Date: 5/22/2001 
  • DMOP
    Dumbest MotherFucker on Post
    Posted By: terminator08 
    Date: 12/8/2001 
  • Donkey Dick 
    An adapter hooked from a 3" fuel hose, used to de-fuel F-15 external tanks 
    Posted By: txt 
    Date: 1/24/2002 
  • EIB Girls 
    Every Body In the Barracks'  Girls i.e.  barracks slut.
    Posted By: red_grunt 
    Date: 9/24/2001 
  • High Speed, Low Drag, Non Sparking 
    Means something is good. Aabout the same as, "honking-kick-ass-dragboat..." IE, "This is a honking-kick-ass-dragboat cup of coffee!" or "that SAT-PHONE is one High Speed, Low Drag, Non Sparking piece of kit!" Note: Not usually used in conjunction with equipment the military procures. 
    Posted By: uncleowen 
    Date: 6/26/2001 
  • John Wayne Paper 
    Rough, Tough, and won't take shit off anybody. Army issue toilet paper, in other words.
    Posted By: kiowachief 
    Date: 7/21/2001 
  • Lifer Juice 
    Posted By: dstrohbe 
    Date: 8/1/2001 
    another name for that damn entrenching tool 
    Posted By: delta56 
    Date: 12/5/2001 
  • Pig Master 
    The M-60 machinegunner , the M-60 was nicknamed " The Pig " . 
    Posted By: reddevilparatrooper 
    Date: 12/4/2001 
  • POG
    "Piece Of Garbage" usually refers to a useless soldier or piece of equipment.
    Posted By: sgnlsldr 
    Date: 8/19/2001 
    aka British Soldiers because  their field rations appear to be fried in fat or oil.
    Posted By: uncleowen 
    Date: 6/26/2001
  • Sky Cow 
    C-5 aircraft 
    Posted By: bobdobbs 
    Date: 6/2/2001 
  • Slickyboy 
    A slickyboy is unique civilian personnel of the local populace, either Korean or Panamanian, 
    that will rob you blind even whileyou sleep on top of your duffle bag. Very skilled thief. 
    Posted By: terminator08 
    Date: 12/8/2001 
  • UMOP Ugliest Mother Fucker on Post 


Cadences are those inane songs American soldiers sing when marching up and down the square. 

It is a call and response kind of thing, wherein the "drill sergeant" or "fascist mindfucker" calls and the grunts respond.
Thus this next charming piece of folk verse would go like this:

Him: A-10 A-10 flying high 
Them:A-10 A-10 FLYING HIGH!!!!!
Him: Drop that napalm from the sky. 


ONE!! TWO!!!......three FOUR!!!!!!!!!!

Cause Napalm Sticks to Kids 
Posted By: platoon_daddy 
Date: 10/11/2001 

A-10 A-10 flying high 
drop that napalm from the sky. 
See those kids over by the river 
drop some napalm an' watch them quiver. 
'Cause napalm (emphasize napalm) sticks to kids! 
Napalm sticks to kids! 
See those kids over by the lake 
drop some napalm watch them bake. 
'Cause napalm (emphasize napalm) sticks to kids! 
Napalm sticks to kids! 
See those kids hidin' in the the hut 
shove some napalm up their butt! 
'Cause napalm (emphasize napalm) sticks to kids! 
Napalm sticks to kids! 

bin laden 
Posted By: cpl_punishment 
Date: 9/19/2001 

bin laden is a son of a bitch
drives his people into a ditch
when he's through they're always dead
till we put a bullet through his head

one from you
one from me
now he's dead
you can see
good for you
good for me


Posted By: deserteagle 
Date: 11/20/2001




Posted By: ABF3Mathews 
Date: 05/13/2000

Here come the men in blue
watch out Sadaam we're after you
droppin bombs on bagdad
killin all those ......arabs

Watch out Sadaam you better run 
here come the SEALS they all have guns
watch out sadaam we're after you
you'll be dead when we get through
here come the men in blue
there ain't nothing we can't do 

Mrs. O'Mally 

Posted By: gq 
Date: 8/5/2001 

Mrs. O'Mally wont ya come quick...
Watch an Irishman play with his dick...
Long as your arm, round as your wrist...
Got a knob on the end as big as your fist... 


Links: Here are the sites from whence I derived this sterling information. If you haven't had enough, go and see for yourself.