Tour 2000

A retrospective

In the millenium year, did Tuxedomoon come together, a tour for to make. After some time languishing apart, we came together and the results were life-altering. Here is some documentation from that hallowed time, including photos which I have only now been able to scan and post.

outside gigolo record offices. from left Carlos Becerra, Steven , Charles Chaplin, DJ Hell, Josef, Allesandro, Peter. Munchen December, 2000.

the bus

having killed and skinned a pineapple.

something you don't see every day. it is 9 am in this photo, inside a rasthof where I have gone to get coffee.

from an e-mail from carlos becerra, our erstwhile tour manager.

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Re: your memory problems

Yo Johnny:

This is where we've been together.

European Tour 2000

Nov. 3rd - Longiano, IT
Nov. 4th - Riolo, IT
Nov. 16th - Roma, IT
Nov. 17th - Firenze, IT
Nov. 23rd - Bologna, IT
Nov. 24th - Senigallia, IT
Nov. 27th - St. Petersburg, R
Dec. 2nd - Vienna, A
Dec. 4th - Heidelberg, D
Dec. 5th - Bielefeld, D
Dec. 6th - Berlin, D
Dec. 8th - Ludwigsburg, D
Dec. 9th - Dornbirn,
Dec. 10th - München, D
Dec 13th - Belgrade, Y
Dec 15th - Torino, IT
Dec. 17th - Verona, IT

European Tour 2001
Jul. 16th - Roma, IT
Jul.19th- Catania - IT
Jul. 20th - Santa Teresa Riva, IT
Jul. 21st - Consenza, IT
Jul. 23rd - Milano, IT
Jul. 27th  - Ohrid, Macedonia (cancelled)
Aug. 5th - Rocca di San Leo, IT
Aug. 16th - Reggio Calabria, IT
Sep. 3rd - Cagli, IT
Sep. 6th - Napoli, Roma IT

Voila !!!