Thursday January 22, 2004  NEW WORLD SHORT ORDER

Howdy. I neglected to tell youse about a rather amusing event that transpired the other day. Some bozoes of my acquaintance, musicians for whom I did a session came out here to bourgeois land Sunday to take me to a video shoot for their cd. They came in a beat up red car (important later). Also important to remember is that I decided to dress in my Matrix-influenced baddest drag for the occasion. I sported my long black leather overcoat, a pair of blue mirror shades, black turtleneck. Couldn’t have done better had I consulted “Osama’s Secret” terrorist wardrobe catalogue. We hadn’t travelled more than 500 meters down the road when a pair of newly-minted fascist cops from the olympic brigade decided this was our lucky day. Beat up red car in a posh neighborhood? Scowling mafioso in the back seat? It’s them, stavros! Oh, the arrogance. The leather lad in charge pulled us over by standing in the middle of the road and pointing his finger. You.

Perhaps I erred in not concealing my utter contempt for these morons better. I spoke no nasties but I have encountered scabrous mongrel dogs with open boils for whom I have had more respect. What began as a routine “control” of drivers’ license, car papers turned into a 3 hour funfest. We turned out pockets, stood still to be frisked, all of that. We then were escorted by these hell’s angels on wheels to the local cop shop. Me was fuming. Lot of good it did me. Seems that the pair who hauled our butts in were city boys. The barney fife brigade at the local station house were not allowed to use their computer. This meant that my dodgy looking american passport had to be faxed to central HQ on a Sunday when there was a football game on tv. My muso friend asked the desk jockey how long this might take the reply to which “Three to four hours” finally sent me flying off the handle. Oh well, another day in new world order ville. Is this a police atrocity on a par with the Rodney Ki

ng beating? I guess not. Major pain in the butt, though.

This is what the olympics bring to this town. Driving down the new freeway with its english road signs, stopping for a coke at the rest stop, plunking down my 2 euros for the toll, I realized that we are the absolute cutting edge american empire town. English spoken here. American franchise restos popping up everywhere. My friend Chris and I had burgers in a diner downtown that he first encountered in Oklahoma. “Appleby’s” He says there is absolutely no difference between the one here and the one there. Starting to look like los angeles more and more. All this and bands of thugs in leather speaking berlitz english lining every thoroughfare should make this THE town to avoid this summer. Sure hope I got somewhere better to go.

What the hell was I on about?

Oh yes, today I did a voice-over for a toyota commercial out in the afore-mentioned LA looking zone. I was the voice for a talking mirror.

Before I forget, here are some anagrams for "Blaine L. Reininger" included only for amusement.


Nina reel in gerbil

relearning in bile

I be relearning nil

Blair in Green Line

linin in lager beer

inner Liberian gel

Benin gel airliner

nill Nigerian beer

ne'er Nigerian bill

I an iller beginner

biennial lingerer

I enlarge bin liner

Ali green bin liner

nill brainier gene

I err enabling Nile

grill inner beanie

reline benign lair

e'er ill benign Iran

liar in benign leer






What's that you say? You didn't actually HEAR U.S. presidential candidate Howard Dean's scream? You want to hear it for yourself and see what all the fuss is about? Well, we here at Mundoblaineo strive to please. I have located a clip of the "I Have a Scream" speech for you all to download. I have gone ahead and stuck it on a rhythmic throbbin' loop of my own devising for your amusement.

Download this gem if you dare. It's an mp3 1mb large.

there you go.

Of course while you wait for this beauty to download you can ask yourself why this moment of fun should disqualify the only candidate who is likely to give health care to all those americans who have none, like me.

Be forewarned. I have lots of time on my hands these days and I drink far too much caffeine. This is a sure-fire combination for website work. look out for a new improved Mundoblaineo, coming soon.

Oh yes, welcome to the new subscribers and another breastbeating round of Hail Mary's as penance for those who thought I had unsubscribed them from my mailing list.

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