In February 2002 I began pestering a fairly large number of people with daily reports of my obsessive work on this website. Often they were amused, often indifferent, rarely irritated.  It reminds me of 1971, when I  published an "underground" newspaper in Pueblo, Colorado in high school. It was called "Prometheus". Together with a furtive little band of conspirators, I would type the newspaper on my father's old Royal on mimeograph stencils. We would then take the stencils and run them off on one of several mimeograph machines, one at the catholic church, one belonging to someone's mother, another owned by some cantankerous old git who kept it in his attic. They were usually good for one run and then we would be moved on. Ah, heady days indeed! The point is, Prometheus LOOKED a lot like this Mundoblaineo site bulletin. Now I am starting to drool again. Nurse! Nurse!