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Announcing the release of "The Hamburg Sessions" by Tuxedomoon co-founder Blaine L. Reininger and William Lee Self. This album marks the first studio release by Blaine Reininger since 2007's "Glossolalia" and his first album of songs since 1999's "The More I Learn the Less I Know".

This year, Reininger and Self will tour their new album with a hot new band. We want to invite you to get involved. Contact us for more information.

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The Hamburg Sessions (from Blaine Reininger's liner notes)


I first met William Lee Self somewhere in the uncharted darkness of the 1980’s in Brussels. I don’t remember the exact circumstances. One day the mists of my perception cleared for a moment and he was just there. I persisted in addressing him in German long after he explained to me that he was an American from Georgia who only lived in Germany and even after he asked me to stop it. Thus began a friendship which has persisted to the present day.

In about 1985 we began the first in a series of musical collaborations when he came onboard the HO model train of my solo career for a series of dates in Northern Europe. A couple years later I was similarly engaged to aid and abet the tours of his band Montana Blue. Much fun was had. Many laughs were laughed.

In the summer of 2009, at Lee’s invitation and with the encouragement of my wife Maria we joined Lee and Birgit in their aviary on Hamburg’s beautiful inner city lake the Alster for the beginning of the sessions which have resulted in this record here in your hands (or hovering before you in a 3d virtual iteration, if that is the way things will go).

For both Mr. Self and  my self, this body of work has marked a most fulfilling return to songwriting and recording. We were both pleased to see that the hornED beast which compels us to toil on into the silent night crafting tunes to an end not immediately obvious still dwells within us both, though he has lately taken to wearing tweed jackets and sports a walking stick.

And thus and so, dear reader, we submit to you these, our Hamburg Sessions.


Athens, Greece 2012

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