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On December 5, 1999 Mundoblaineo was first set upon an unsuspecting (and largely uncaring) world...
I have spent nights chained to a dial-up connection in the hotel rooms of Tuscany, the teenage lofts of Berlin, the suburban bedrooms of Athens, and the wi-fi zones of Belgium, tinkering and tweaking and poking this thing until my eyes are burning grapes hanging out on their stalks. Ladies and gents, I give you this other Eden, This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this Mundoblaineo.

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live 2015Blaine L. Reininger Tour Dates

Blaine L. Reininger, co-founder of the legendary post punk band, Tuxedomoon, returns to touring his solo show in 2015, after a 20 year hiatus. For this tour, he is joined onstage by Georgio Valentino, a Greco-American guitarist and performer, founder of Georgio Valentino and La Societe des Melancholiques.

These shows show Reininger in fine form, moving from keyboards to guitar for the bulk of his classic numbers, including many from his seminal 1985 album “Night Air” and a selection from his large solo discography 1984-2015, with several Tuxedomoon standbys. (Yes, he plays “No Tears”). As ever, his virtuoso violin playing is featured, on such songs as “Volo Vivace” and a collection of new extracts from his catalog of music for film, dance, and theatre. Reininger's voice is as it ever was, and he has achieved a maturity of expression and phrasing that has served him well.

Valentino shines forth on his Vox teardrop 12 string guitar, and performs some of his own songs as well. To his credit, he is always willing to help Reininger get on and off stage.

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